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Reasoned postings!!Who is this self-appointed judge? Bh.K.

At 19:33 29/05/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Michael Witzel wrote:
>> First. The RV was not written either at 1500 nor at 500 BC. But composed
>> and preserved ORALLY. All of this really is first year Vedic. Remember
>> Prof.Krishanmurti's exasperation? -  I WILL NO LONGER PROVIDE such
>> basic info. There is other work to do.
>Herr Witzel,  you should really stop this backscratching nonsense.   The merits
>of the
>case(s) you are discussing and the ones that have evoked Bh.K's
>(I am thinking of his blasts in response to the reasoned postings from
>Palaniappan here)
>are very different.
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