Kannada vacanas

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1.  There is NO usage like "kUDalasangadEva" or "kappaDisangadEva" or "sangadEva" in Kannada.  You can either say "kUDalasangama-dEva" or "kUDalasanga" or "sangama-dEva".  

2.  The author of "Basava Purana" in Kannada is "Bhima Kavi".  It is not a translation of Palkurike Somanatha's Basava Purana in Telugu but is an independent work based on the latter.  

3.  The Telugu Basava Purana of Palkurike Somatha is translated into Kannada by a noted Kannada scholar Dr P V Narayana.  The book is published by our Ashram in the year 1982.

<<If there is some body on the list who has the
kannaDa version of basavapurANa I will be very happy
if they check there.>>

4.  You have rightly guessed.  No need to check any Basava Purana for the use of the word "Sanga" as a noun.  It is used by BasavaNNa himself in his Vacanas addressing God:

"sangaa, nimma tottutanakke duuravayyaa"  (Vacana 434)
"sangaa, nimmanu puujisi bhavageTTenu naanayyaa"  (Vacana 521)

5.  The word "sanga" is also used as a proper name by persons of Virashaiva tradition whether male or female.Examples:   Male names:  Sangappa, Sangayya, 
Female names: Sangamma, Sangavva, 

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<<I differ with Robert Zydenbos for the following reasons

1. The existence of two words kUDalasangadEva and kappaDi sangadEva
clearly shows that kUDala and KappaDi are adjectives qualifying the
noun sangadEva.>>

<<2. The great bilingual virasaiva poet pAlakuriki sOmanAtha who has
written   the epic basavapurANa based on the life of basavEswara
uses the the word sanga as the name of the god. 

Unless there was a stromg virasaiva tradition of treating
the word sanga as a noun and a name of the god,
sOmanAtha would not have written like that.
If there is some body on the list who has the
kannaDa version of bbasavapurANa I will be very happy
if they check there.>>

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