Sarasvati (texts & arch.II)

Srini Pichumani srini_pichumani at MENTORG.COM
Fri May 29 23:33:09 UTC 1998

Michael Witzel wrote:

> First. The RV was not written either at 1500 nor at 500 BC. But composed
> and preserved ORALLY. All of this really is first year Vedic. Remember
> Prof.Krishanmurti's exasperation? -  I WILL NO LONGER PROVIDE such
> basic info. There is other work to do.

Herr Witzel,  you should really stop this backscratching nonsense.   The merits
of the
case(s) you are discussing and the ones that have evoked Bh.K's
(I am thinking of his blasts in response to the reasoned postings from
Palaniappan here)
are very different.


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