Sarasvati: sa_gara, samudra; 'cults' and meanings

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How about 'device' as an alternative? Primarily because, the motif is
also used independently as a field symbol and in some tablets is shown
being carried on the shoulder of a person. Of course, it is integrally
linked with the 'one-horned heifer or bull' (or 'unicorn'). Note how
Dr. Sharan calls it a rhinoceros!


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> > On another note, see how archaeologists can do better than the
> > lexicographers? Sir John Marshall uses the term 'cult object' and
> > every analyst thereafter gets trapped in the lead. The only 'cult'
> > evidence we seem to find is the emergence and stabilisation of a
> > bronze-age culture, apart from burnt bricks.
> >
> Almost all the writers on the subject use this term. It is a
> convenient working name for the object while one theorizes about
> it.However if you were to propose a better term for it, I would be
> happy to use it.
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