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 kC> ---Robert Zydenbos <zydenbos at FLEVOLAND.XS4ALL.NL> wrote:

> It is precisely due to an awareness of what sort of thing is correct
 kC> (but not quite understanding why) that hypercorrection can
 kC> occur at all. Literacy actually increases this (plain
 kC> 'literacy' is not the same as >'learning' and
 kC> 'understanding').

 kC> Is the same term (hypercorrection)used to explain
 kC> hyper-sanskritization evident in many Sanskrit lexemes?

One case in which I remember that scholars have presumed hypercorrection is the word "draavi.da" <- "drami.la" <- "dami.la" <- "tami_l", where an 'r' was inserted to account for the last consonant being retroflex. This is the only one I can think of right now, but surely somebody will have given the topic more serious attention and written about it.

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