New book pub

Andrew Cohen AndrewC at MAIL.UCA.EDU
Thu May 28 10:45:22 UTC 1998

Dear Indology listserv readers,
May I please announce my new book publication:

>Andrew L. Cohen, _Temple Architecture and Sculpture of the Nolambas_
>(Manohar, 1998).  ISBN 81-7304-222-5

>This is the first comprehensive study of monuments from Nolambavadi
>(southeast Karnataka and contiguous portions of Andhra Pradesh and
>Tamilnadu) built during the Nolamba period (9th-10th centuries).  Using the
>Nolambas as an example, chapter one questions the way art historians often
>assign centrality and periphery to dynastic periods and examines how these
>assumptions have allowed certain periods of art to be neglected.  Next,
>after a brief political summary of the Nolambas, the following chapters
>furnish detailed description and analysis of Nolamba monuments, breaking
>Nolambavadi into three subregional groupings that correspond roughly with
>traditional territorial divisions.
>Andrew Cohen

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