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On Wed, 27 May 1998, Palaniappa wrote:

> I have read Staal's view that Angirasas were pre-Aryan. It will be useful to
> hear Dr. Witzel's views on Angirasas which might update Staal's work.

Well, 1/2 or more of the poets of the RV claim to be Angirasa -- one way
or the other, sometimes by adoption (Visvamitra, via Sunahotra who at
first was an Angirasa, then got adopted by the Bhargavas), Erdosy vol., p.
316, cf. also Deshpande in Erdosy vol. p. 79.

The Angirasa are typical (though in part already mythical ancestors of)
RV poets. Nothing non-Aryan about them. Pre-Aryan only in the sense just

Maybe much older, due to possible etymology Angiras = Greek
aggelos [angelos] and Iran. angaros [angara-s] 'messenger' as reported by
the Greeks.

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