Iranians in Ancient India

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<< >        can anybody give me a reference to Sanskrit texts or secondary
 >mentioning the presence of Iranians (Magas or otherwise) in Ancient or
 >>Mediaeval India (especially, in historical Magadha/Bihar)?
 Perhaps it is not too late to respond to this interesting question.

 Since my own interest is Vedic, particularly the RV, most of these notes
 are focussed there [I apologize if this has little reference to the Magadha
 / Bihar area].  >>

It will be useful to know why a bard called mAgadha (name supposedly derived
from magadha) is used in the sacrificial rituals supposedly of pre-Vedic
origins as discussed by Parpola? To put it in other words why a bard is called
mAgadha in the first place? Secondly, why is a mAgadha used as opposed to a

S. Palaniappan

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