Sarasvati (texts & arch.II)

Paul K. Manansala kabalen at MAIL.JPS.NET
Wed May 27 08:17:26 UTC 1998

Roland Steiner <steiner at MAILER.UNI-MARBURG.DE>

> By means of a precise investigation of the relevant texts Klaus
> comes to the conclusion that samudra in several Vedic passages does
> not designate the ocean, but a broad stream formed by the union of
> two or more rivers.

Shouldn't we expect something more specific in the passage then?

For example, if I say the river flows into the sea, we take it for
granted that I mean the ocean.  However, if I specify the Aral Sea,
the Caspian Sea, or the Sea of Galilee, then we know it is a lake.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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