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---Lakshmi Srinivas <lsrinivas at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> I do not know if the list members are generally aware of I.>
Mahadevan's theory that the IVC Cult Object represents a Soma filter.
> The hypothesis itself seems to have been well received in the world
of > South Asian archaeology. (See Possehl, Indus Age: The writing
> Philadelphia, 1996.)

I have read Possehl's  book. I do not think Possehl said so. Would
appreciate the reference since I do not have access to the book right

You may recall Fairservis' reading of the 'fish' sign
as a 'loop'. It is tough to 'read' extraordinary symbolism into this
device used in the IVC script. It is tougher still to figure out what
the device represented.

To me, the device looks like a portable furnace combined with a drill
lathe on top. The dotted circles may symbolise perforations of beads?
The wavy signs on the top part of the device is explained by I.M. as
'flow' symbolism. To me it looks like a 'churning' motion of the drill!

We can keep speculating governed by our faiths, until we gain a
rational 'understanding' of, or just 'read', in the lingua fraca, the
entire corpus of inscriptions.

I should add that I have the highest regard for the magnificent work
done by both I.M. (whom I have met and with whom I have discussed a
number of times in Chennai) and A.Parpola in presenting the evidence
of the inscriptions and internal, structural analyses of the evidence.

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