Spelling of S. Radhakrishnan's name sought

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S.Radhakrishnan's birth place was tiruttaNi in Tamil NaDu. His surname is
sarve:palli. I have to investigate where it is located. His surname and
birth place are two different things. Anyway please check his biography by
his son Dr. S. Gopal; the title Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, New Delhi : Oxford
(may be 1990 or 1989). Bh.K.

At 09:37 25/05/98 +0200, you wrote:
>At 09:21 AM 5/18/98 +0200, I wrote:
>>Could any of the netters give me the correct (Telugu) spelling of S.
>>Radhakrishnan's birthplace/given name - is it SarvapaLLi or SarvepaLLi or
>>even SarvEpaLLi?
>To which I received the following response:
>sarvEpalli rAdhAkriSNan
>However, when I consulted Glossary of the Madras Presidency by C.D. Maclean,
>reprint of the 1893 ed., AES, New Delhi 1982 under SARWAPULLY (p. 790), I found
>out that there is a village (spelled in Telugu Sarvapalle) in the Nellore
>Goodoor taluk, lat. 14 deg. 18', long. 80 deg. 01', 13 miles N.E. from Goodoor,
>11 miles S. from Nellore, 11 miles W. from the sea. Remains of old Rohilla
>Etymology is given from "sari" Tel. straight + "palle", Tel. village.
>Is it THE village that gave S. Radhakrishnan his name, and if so, what
about its
>Gratefully, J.F.
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