Spelling of S. Radhakrishnan's name sought

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Mon May 25 07:37:18 UTC 1998

At 09:21 AM 5/18/98 +0200, I wrote:

>Could any of the netters give me the correct (Telugu) spelling of S.
>Radhakrishnan's birthplace/given name - is it SarvapaLLi or SarvepaLLi or
>even SarvEpaLLi?

To which I received the following response:

sarvEpalli rAdhAkriSNan

However, when I consulted Glossary of the Madras Presidency by C.D. Maclean,
reprint of the 1893 ed., AES, New Delhi 1982 under SARWAPULLY (p. 790), I found
out that there is a village (spelled in Telugu Sarvapalle) in the Nellore
Goodoor taluk, lat. 14 deg. 18', long. 80 deg. 01', 13 miles N.E. from Goodoor,
11 miles S. from Nellore, 11 miles W. from the sea. Remains of old Rohilla fort.
Etymology is given from "sari" Tel. straight + "palle", Tel. village.
Is it THE village that gave S. Radhakrishnan his name, and if so, what about its
Gratefully, J.F.
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