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> hi,
> let me add my two cents worth, clustering CDIAL and DEDR.
> root: udan water (RV.); udaga water (Pkt.); u_ water (Burusha_ski).
> udanya_ thirst (ChUp.) anudra waterless; udrin abounding in water
> (RV.) ulla wet (Pkt.) ul.a mud (Ma.) but, u_l.a_ a carnivorous marine
> fish (Ta.)
> samudda large river, sea (Pali); sodo bha_sa_na boat festival, lit.
> launching at sea; muhuda ocean (OSi.)
> Are we dealing with lakes formed in the marshes of the Rann? or even
> close to the legendary Nal lake in Saura_s.t.ra which linked Kotda
> (Dholavira) and Lothal?

Any large body of water into which a river empties could potentially
be called "samudra" however, again we have to be specific.

There is evidence of a possible Sarasvati running to the sea, or sea
marshes.  What are the other proposals for the "samudra."

Paul Kekai Manansala

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