A question on "kvath"

Palaniappa Palaniappa at AOL.COM
Sat May 23 14:20:47 UTC 1998

Cologne's Digital Sanskrit Lexicon gives the following meanings for the words
"kvath" and "kvAthi".

"kvath" - Meaningcl. 1. A1. %{kvathate} , to boil , prepare by heat Ka1t2h. ;
digest W. ; to be hot (as the heart) Hcar.: Caus. %{kvAthayati} , to
cause to boil , decoct Kaus3. S3a1rn3gS. ; (Pass. %{kvAthyate}) MBh.
Sus3r. i , 45 , 3 Ma1rkP. xii , 36.

"kvAthi" - Meaningm. (fr. %{kvatha} , `" boiling pot "' cf. %{kumbha-
janman})N. of
Agastya L.

Has the word "kvath" or any of its derivates been used to refer to ziva, zaiva
priests or brahmins in general? Also was Agastya born from a boiling pot?

Thanks in advance.

S. Palaniappan

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