Brhadaranyaka Upanisad III. ii .12

nathalie Pernstich a9607945 at UNET.UNIVIE.AC.AT
Fri May 22 19:29:38 UTC 1998

>But Mundaka 3,2,8 and Prasna 6,5
>seem to say that at the final liberation the name too should disappear. Is
>it the reason why the upanisadic sages have not left behind their names?

What disappears after final liberation is the association of an
individual's soul with
a name and form (this is how I read Mundaka 3.2.8; Mundaka 3.2.11 states
that this truth was declared by the seer Angiras), but a name can not
disappear if sound is taken to be
eternal and uncreate.



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