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S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri May 22 21:46:33 UTC 1998

Vidyasankar Sundaresan writes:
<<I am reading a small poem in which a number of south Indian place
names are given. Where are the following places? Could some list member
give corresponding modern names?>>

1. mahAsurAlaya (in Kerala) - is this Sucindram?

It seems to me that this place(since there is reference to kEraLa) would
be more some place that is connected to bAli who was "Conquered" by

>2. anantaSayana (in Kerala) - Travancore?

  ISn't this tiruvanantapuram..there is a well known padmanAbhasvAmi
temple there where viSnu is shown to be reclining...At the same time,
the place mentions the name "ananta" as in anantapadmanAbha or

>5. pinAkinI (river in TN)
AFAIK, this is a reference to the river "penna/pennAr" whose southern
branch meets the sea near kaTalUr; the northern branch meets the sea
near nellUru in Andhra pradEza.

>6. payonadI (  -do-  ) - somewhere in Salem-Coimbatore area? The
context mentions the village of Satyamangalam.

Isn't this the pAlAr river, which for all it's *milkiness*( namewise)
is perenially dry? I think this flows thru the South Arcot District..

BTW, Vidyasankar, could you please share the zlOka with us?


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