Sn. Subrahmanya sns at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue May 19 16:46:51 UTC 1998

> I am happy that there is some recognition of the importance of
>sarasvati river (both locus and secular sequence of desiccation of a
>mighy perennial flow from molten snows) for objective appraisal of the
>linguistic/archaeological evidence.
I agree.....the dating of when Sarasvati stopped flowing from
the mountains to the sea is critical because that would make the Rgveda
prior to it.
Hope that Prof Witzel comments on this issue.

I would also like to request Mr. Houben to add this work to his list:
J Harmatta.
The Emergence of the Indo-Iranians: The Indo-Iranian languages.
History of Civilizations of Central Asia. Vol 1.
Ed: A.H.Dani and V.M Masson.


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