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Dear John Smith, I have been really happy to receive your response.
Regarding the inscription, I need comparative material - mainly
epigraphical one - to give an adequate historical and linguistical
collocation to this small inscription. In the meanwhile, let me offer you
the small results of such a study in progress. Paleographically, the
inscription's characters fit very well with the specimens from Sirohi
district belonging to XIII-XIV century. The engraving is rather rough, so
that it shows the secondary importance of the commitment.
The tentave reading so far detected by me is as follows:
1.      siddham || saµvat 1349 phagu†a ßudi 5 ravidivyo | u esa (?)
yåcchaka kva(?) dhåcå ya(?) sanåto ßr^ Siddhasanasuri ßr^(?) Vikrama(?)
2.      bhadråsaha draja(?) sakhagaaputtra suta somåjå s^tala e(?)s^µha
usas dra  bhaya s^havasanåthå (raralu?)
3.       padamadgarapåla | dehåsuta naradeva (ka?) dh^jå | pratå (?)
kya(ka?)lpyåµ je gamala {maÚgala} ||

The date has been tested as corresponding to AD 1292, February 24th,
sunday. The language should be a kind of early Gujarati, but on order to
get a better idea I need to see several inscriptions of this type, but in
Italy libraries are not so well endowed with...
Moreover, I add the scanty bibliography available to me at moment:

Deo, S.B. (1956) The History of Jaina Monachism from Inscriptions and
Literature, Bulletin of the Deccan College Research Institute, XVI (June
1954-March 1955). Poona.
Halder, R.R. (1928) Inscription of the Time of Hammir of Ranthambhor Dated
(V.S.) 1345, Epigraphia Indica, XIX (1927-28), pp. 45-52. Calcutta.
Jain, K.C. (1972) Ancient Cities and Towns of Rajasthan. Delhi.
Somani, R.V. (1982) Jaina Inscription of Rajasthan. Jaipur.
Suri, C.L. (1968) Dhanta Image Inscription of Paramara Somasimha, Vikrama
1277,  Epigraphia Indica, XXXVII (1967-68), pp. 209-11.
Tiwari, M.N.P. (1983) Elements of Jaina Iconography. Varanasi.
Trivedi,  H.V. (1991) Inscriptions of the Paramaras, Chandellas,
Kachchhapaghatas and Two Minor Dynasties (Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum,
vol. VII), 2 voll. New Delhi.

As attachment you will find a short note (in Italian language) on the small
item, written in McIntosh - Microsoft Word 5.1.
Any kind of suggestion and emprovement of the study - through
bibliographical material for instance - well be greatly wellcome!
Many thanks. Riccardo Garbini.

sincerely yours,riccardo

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