learning Sanskrit: thanks

Sat May 16 12:40:22 UTC 1998

I can suggest two very recent and really very good Sanskrit
handbooks. One is Prof. A.Aklujkar "Sanskrit. An Easy Introduction to
an Enchanting Language" consisting of 4 volumes and a set of 6
cassettes, Dept. of Asian Studies, University of British
The second -Prof. M.Deshpande - "Samskrita Subodhini. A Sanskrit
Primer", University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1997.(1 vol)

I have information about other hanbooks and grammars (in European
tradition of teaching we "produced'' more than 100 of them,so if you
are still interested in something please contact me directly.
I have just finished my PhD on "The tradition of teaching Sanskrit in
the West",so I hope I may be of help. Iwona Milewska.

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