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S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri May 15 21:50:23 UTC 1998

1.  Would anybody who is interested in Carnatic music please tell me
the significance(musically and lyrically) of starting a kr*ti with the
anupallavi instead of the pallavi as happens in the case of tyAgarAja's
"bAla kanaka maya" (athANa) or "sompaina manasu tO" ( Ahiri). Among
composers whose compositions are heard on a frequent basis, it is only
tyAgarAja whose kr*tis begin this way( though I did read about a certain
Munipalli Subrahmanya Kavi in the Journal of the Music Academy whose
krtis INVARIABLY start with the anupallavi)..Was this the way it was
also sung in tyAgarAja's days or is this a later improvisation?

2. In the nATa kr*ti "pavanAtmaja" by dIkshitar where the caraNam starts
as "kapaTa vAnara vEza kAvya nATaka tOSa", what is the significance of
"kapaTa vAnara"? Hanuman( i.e. vAnara) took on the
guise of a brAhmin( kapaTa? vEza) when he meet rAma; so why does
dIkshitar tag on the kapaTa to vAnara? i.e. kapaTa brAhmaNa vEza
or kapaTa vipra vEza( with the vipra being elongated to sound like
vI.ipra) would have been correct metrically. Any light on this
word-order of dIkSitar would be most welcome....



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