East Indies book??

Fri May 15 20:17:13 UTC 1998

       Book Title on East Indies?

The following question is with me for a long time. Hope some
Indologist can answer this query.

I read from a book by K. Zvelebil that some in Indonesia
use "cEntanAr's tiruppallANTu" during some festivals.

The book he cites is
G. K. Vanborough, The peoples in the East Indies.
The author and title may not be very exact, though very close.
Can anybody give the exact author, title, please?

In Thailad, during the coronation ceremony for the King,
Tiruppaavai and TiruvempAvai are recited for centuries.
French Inst. of Indology, Pondichery published the old
Thai manuscripts.

I want to find out whether TiruppallaaNDu exists in Indonesia
from rather old times? Or, a recent usage?

N. Ganesan
nas_ng at lms420.jsc.nasa.gov

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