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>I haven't come across a reference like this in Muller, but Rajaram
>may be confusing him with William Jones (Muller is often the generic
>target of anti-Orientalist invective in this genre of work).

This is precisely my suspicion too. I find it very hard that a scholar who
died in 1900 would believe in Ussher's dates! I have another couple of
examples where Rajaram seems to have been stealing ideas from the very early
Indologists. But I have to check!

>If this is, indeed, a reference to Muller, then please let me
>know.    Regards, Edwin Bryant

I certainly will! But I wish R. wouldn't make claims like that without
citing his sources. The man is sloppy and superficial, and he gets carried
away by his own rhetorical talent, which is considerable. He makes fun
reading in a quaint sort of way until you start checking him. Then it isn't
so fun any more. Too much work.

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