Thu May 14 16:04:58 UTC 1998

Want to know the references on identifying Sarasvati of the
Rig Veda as the Ghaggar river. Who did this identification first?
Did s/he publish it?

See the old posting in Indology. If Aristouboulos in 330 BCE
is referring to Indus valley civilization (IVC) ruins,
the ruins are already 1200 to 1400 years old.
This fits well with the dating of the vedas to 1200 BCE,
in my opinion. Some scholars even say Rig veda is 1000 BCE.

BTW, recent scholarship shows that upani.sads have been dated
too early. They are really few centuries later than the
conventional wisdom.

Would like to see references on the dating of the
drying of rivers in Indus valley.

N. Ganesan

Subject:      Re: arma-, armaka 'ruined site'
> On Tue, 31 Mar 1998, N. Ganesan wrote:
> > Reading an article by Prof. Thomas Burrow on Aryans intruding
> > into India. Reference: Arthur Cotterell, Encyclopaedia of
> > ancient civilizations, 1980
> >
> > "The Aryans were aware of the numerous ruined Indus sites
> > among which they lived, and they referred to them by the term
> > arma, armaka, 'ruined site, ruins'. Among the references to these
> > the following is of particular significance: *The people to
> > whom these ruined sites, lacking posts, formerly belonged,
> > these many settlements widely distributed. they, O, Vaishvaanara,
> > having been expelled by thee, having migrated to another
> > land*."  - T. Burrow
> >

Erik Seldeslachts wrote:
* [...] In Strabo,
*Geography 15.1.19, there is a parallel piece of information - drawn
*from Aristoboulos, a companion of Alexander -, which puts into
*perspective the quotations above:"He says that when he was sent upon
*a certain mission he saw a country of more than a thousand cities,
*together with villages, that had been deserted because the Indus had
*abandoned its proper bed, and had turned aside into the other bed on
*the left that was much deeper, and flowed with precipitous descent
*like a cataract, so that the Indus no longer watered by its overflows
*the abandoned country on the right, since that country was now above
*the level, not only of the new stream, but also of its overflows."

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