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For some details on the history of this topic, see my recent article "Who
Inspired Panini?  Reconstructing the Hindu and Buddhist Counter-Claims",
Journal of the American Oriental Society, 117.3 (1997), pp. 444-465.
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On Tue, 12 May 1998, N. Ganesan wrote:

> S. Palaniappan wrote in Nov. 1997
> *By the way, according to R. Ghose, "It is significant that the tyAgarAja
> *temple in tiruvoRRiyUr has a vyAkaraNamaNDapa, a pavilion for the teaching of
> *grammar and the God is called vyAkaraNadAnapperumAL or the "Lord who has
> *given grammar as his gift." Inscriptions connect this temple with the
> *kALAmukhas of Kashmir.
> S. R. Balasubrahmanyam, Middle Chola temples, Thompson press, 1975
> p.304
> "This record also refers to two officers who held an enquiry into
> the temple affairs at the 'vakkaNikkum maNDapam' (ARE 128 of 1912)
> Is vakkaNai in tamil from vyAkaraNa? It looks so.
> Jayasinga kulakAla vizupparaiyan was associated with this temple.
> The nataraja is called kArAnai viTaGka tEvar in inscriptions.
> In JayamkoNTaar's kArAnai vizupparaiyan maTal, aatinaatan
> is praised with many sanskrit epithets. May be kArAnai
> vizupparaiyar, high Chola officials were important in fostering
> PaaNinIyam in TN.
> p. 305
> "PaaNini's vyAkaraNa seems to have received cond=siderable attention
> in TiruvoRRiyuur. According to tradition, the first 14 aphorisms
> of that grammar were produced by his Siva from His damaru (kettle-drum)
> and made a gift of them to PaaNini. Hence the name of
> vyAkaraNa daanap perumaaL is applied to Siva. The name of a
> local temple-priest is given as vyaakaranadaana bhattar.
> The above hall is presumably set up for the purpose of
> expounding this grammar".
> kuutta nuul, a dance treatise of medieval times speaks
> of the sounds emanating from one side of "Siva's damaru
> becoming Sanskrit, sounds from the other side becoming
> Tamil. kAnchip purANam of Madhava Sivagnaana YogigaL
> says that "Siva taught Sanskrit to Panini and Tamil to
> Agastya.
> In which Sanskrit text, "Siva teaching grammar to Panini episode
> occurs?
> Regards,
> N. Ganesan

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