Asva, haya, ghota, etc., Was: Horses

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>Ghota seems somewhat similar to Yenesei-Ostyak "kuta"

The Proto-Yeniseian is *ku?s (Ket ku?S "cow", Yug ku?s, Kott, hus^,
Arin kus, Pumpokol kut).

>and even
>Austronesian "kud(j)a".
>Haya has been connected with the English word "horse."

Horse is related to Sankrit ku:rd- "to jump".   The word haya- is
derived from the verbal root hi- "to set in motion, impel" (< PIE

>I believe
>there is an Indic "hyivor" that compares with an Old Germanic
>"hyros" or something like that.

That would be hros(s) = horse, I guess.  See above.

>Does anyone accept asva > equus?

Not since Schleicher (actually, he reconstructed *akvas).

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