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Ganesan writes:
<<There was a suggestion that kuuDala is the place name and
sangamesvara refers to the God's name.kuuDala samngama is a place name.
How do we know this?There were two Chola era prabandhams of war, now
lost except for a few verses and their names occur in medieval
commentaries.The 10th century paraNi prabandhams are called
1) koppattup paraNi and 2) kuuDala sangamattup paraNi.
Hence, koppam and kuuDala sangamam will refer to place names.
AND, kuuDala sangamam is hybrid name.This may very well be the case of
BelgAm too.>>

 If one looks at place names in Karnataka one can notice that it is
fairly common for the name of a place and the presiding diety there to
be pronounced together as one name i.e. the town of bAgevADi(
basavEzvara was a native of this place) is sometimes refered to as
bAgevADi-ingaLEzvara,( called bAgevADi-ingaLe in places) the town of
kappaDi where there is another sangamEzvara temple becomes
kappaDisangamEzvara which is shortened to kappaDisangama.

 I therefore believe that there was a point of time in karnATaka where
if there was a place by name "X" and a diety of Shiva by name
"Y" the place could be refered to as simple "X", or "XY" or "XY-Izvara"(
The last is eximplified by the name malaimahadE(vE?)zvara hills where
there was a mahadEvEsvara temple in the middle of the "hills"..so we get
another example of "doubling" i.e. just as kUDala
and sangama are synonyms but are pronounced together, malai and hills
are also synonyms but are pronounced together, the difference being
that the later started much later).{I think that the place name is
also spelt as malaimahadEzvara, but in any case the point made still

This leads me to believe that the name of the place was just kUDala( pls
note that there is another place in uttara kannaDa dist by the same
name) . It may have been that in order to differentiate between the two
sangamEzvaras i.e. kUDala and kappaDi( a nearby town) the Gods were
called kUDalasangamEZvara and kappaDisangamEzvara which is now being
interpreted as that the place names THEMSELVES were kUDalasangama and


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