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Mon May 11 03:10:54 UTC 1998

   Miguel Carrasquer Vidal <mcv at WXS.NL>
t.  I don't care much for your
> platyrrhine skeletons, whatever that means: linguistics alone tells
> us, if we're prepared to listen, that the steppe population is and
> has always been mixed, neither "Caucasoid" nor "Mongoloid".

Sorry, I can't resist.  Linguistics tells us absolutely nothing about
the biological relations of the steppe population.

> >I guess we have reached the end of enlightenment in our discussion.
> >However, I will discuss the matter with anyone who doesn't see the
> >Scythian/Hsiung-nu likenesses as purely coincidental.
> It isn't.  The Xiongnu adopted the steppe way of life from the
> Scythians.

Yes, and those Scythians were blondies I suppose.

Hippocrates describes Scythians as short and stocky with legs shorter
than the trunk.  He states thay had little facial or body hair, and
that their features were not well-defined like Europeans.  He calls
this "humidity of features."  Basically this agrees with the remains
found in the Scythian burials.  They were physically not different than
the Hsiung-nu or from modern Mongols or Uighurs.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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