Kannada vacanas

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun May 10 22:38:19 UTC 1998

I had written in my earlier posting:

<<This is a very interesting explanation and I'm surprised to know that
kanakadAsa came from a zrIvaiSNava background.. From what I know, he
came from a wealthy buNT i.e. (shepherd?) family near mangaLUru and was
orphaned early in life. HE then wandered around and finally settled down
in uDupi and most of his songs were composed in uDupi. I was also

  "Bunt" does not not refer to the shepherd community; the correct term
for this is "kuruba"..I apologize for the mistake and would like to
express my heartfelt thanks to Nikhil Rao(nrao at caip.rutgers.edu)
for bringing this to my attention.


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