Kannada vacanas

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Sat May 9 20:40:04 UTC 1998

I read the translation of a Kannada vacana by dEvara dasimaiya that goes
as:(paraphrase mine)

A man with a gunny sack
which was tattered
walked all night long
fearing the toll gate

By the time he reached the gate,
all the grain had fallen thru the holes
and all that he had was a torn gunny bag

It is thus with the devotion of the
  faint-hearted, O Ramanatha!

My questions are:
1. Can anybody please post the original in Kannada and provide a
translation/explanation for  the connection between being faint hearted
and the analogy given in the first part of the vacana

2. I find that the signature of the poets in the vacanas is seldom their
own name, but the name of a God to whom the poem has been
dedicated..i.e. basavEzvara uses "kUDala sangamEzvara!" mahAdEviyakka
uses "cennamallikArjuna", dasimaiya uses "O rAmanAtha!"...is there any
special reason for this? At a subsequent stage, we find that many of
the signatures of poets belonging to the "dAsakUTa" school are largely
their own names i.e. purandAra dAsa uses "purandara viTThala", viTThala
dAsa uses "vijaya viTThala dasa" etc( though kanakadAsa
uses "kAginEle kEzava" which is closer to the style of the vIrazaiva
school than the dAsakUTa)..What is the reason for the stylistic change?

All pointers and help appreciated.


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