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Fri May 8 21:48:07 UTC 1998

N.Ganesan writes:
>Well, Dominique. On a spring day, Siva and Parvati
>could not overcome passion. They transform themselves
>to elephants. Ganesha is born as a result, so says
>Sambandhar (fl. 642 AD).

There is a variant of this in Samskr*t mythology i.e. that is different
from the usual story of gaNEza being given birth to by pAvati alone..
The story is that pArvati and ziva kept looking at each amorously
and their glances intensified. An elephant which was trumpeting nearby
drew their attention as a result of which their glances turned in the
direction of the elephant. The intense glances which rested on the
elephant fused into one and gaNEza was born. I believe this story is
from the skandapurANa.

  I remember reading a verse by kAlidAsa which starts off as "garjanti
varSanti" which describes the rainy season( the source is the "r*tu
samhAra" I think, though I'm not sure) with the peculiarity that the
first line has only verbs and the second line has only nouns ; each noun
has a corresponding verb. In this verse, from what I remember
there is a reference to "mattagajA:" and one of the verbs refers to
"lovemaking". What I would like to know is
1. if this noun-verb combination is valid( i.e. elephants and
lovemaking) and
2.the full verse and the source...


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