Koel (and Hobson-Jobson)

Georg von Simson g.v.simson at EAST.UIO.NO
Thu May 7 14:20:54 UTC 1998

>>>May I suggest WOWW!
>>>Lars Martin Fosse
>Krishna uvAca:
>>My suggestion for pronouncing WWW:
>>since most Indians pronounce W as "Da-bul-you", why don't we just make
>>it "Dabbulu Dabbulu Dabbulu", a very meaningful construct since
>>"Dabbulu" means money(Yeah! Money!) in Telugu....
>Hmm. I am not entirely certain that money is the thing that strikes me
>particularly characteristic about the Internet and WWW. Judging by some of
>the debates on Indology, maybe a single Woww isn't enough. Maybe we should
>simply call it Wow-Wow-Wow!
>Doggedly, yours
>Lars Martin Fosse
I would rather suggest to condense the ingenious "Dabbulu Dabbulu Dabbulu"
into "bul-bul" (Arabic for "nightingale"), thus approaching the cuckoo
(koel) and returning to the point from which Dominik's digression started.
Which reminds me of our discussion on horses -

Georg v. S.

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