FW: Flowers and plant reproduction

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Rahul Peter Das at the University of Halle in Germany has published his
Habilitation on the Vrikshayurveda. It is worth taking a look at if you read

Frank J. Korom

At 09:23 AM 5/7/98 +0530, you wrote:
>have you seen vriksha ayurveda
>This is an interesting querry and of great interest to me wince we have
>looked at similar issues in our Honey bee journal
> http://csf.colorado.edu/sristi/ occasionally in the context of ancient
>Majumdar gave a lecture in 1925 at presidency college entitled Vanaspati and
>thsi will definitely answer your question
>if you need more help
>pl send me mail at anilg at iimahd.ernet.in
>all the best
>do send you paper when completed
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>From: Angus Murphy <murphy at BIOLOGY.UCSC.EDU>
>Date: Friday, May 01, 1998 8:09 AM
>Subject: FW: Flowers and plant reproduction
>>Dear Indologists,
>>        I am currently researching some aspects of the history of the study
>of flowering plants for some popular science writing. One of the most
>crucial issues in such a history is that of sexual reproduction by plants.
>Although the Greeks appear to have understood that some plants like the date
>palm were unable to fertilize themselves and recognized two different flower
>types, pollen was regarded as a form of excrement rather than an agent of
>>        So far, in my amateur inquiries into early Indian writings, I find
>references to male and female flowers based on their shape or form and
>descriptions of pollen as dust, but no specific mention of hybridization or
>pollination. Yet there are some poetic texts that seem to include pollen
>gathering by bees in metaphors for amorous pastimes. Are ther any sources
> In English or another Western language) that I can be directed to?
>>        Any information offered would be appreciated and , if used, would
>be properly attributed.
>>                Thanking you in advance for any assistance.
>>                                                                Sincerely,
>>                                                                Angus
>>                                                                Biology
>>                                                                University
>of California, Santa Cruz

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