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Thu May 7 18:13:03 UTC 1998

>"Peter J. Claus" <pclaus at HAYWIRE.CSUHAYWARD.EDU>

> On the other hand, it would not seem unreasonable that there might be
> little representation of the horse generally in India for a long time to
> come if our primary written sources are texts such as the Rg Veda (or for
> that matter ANY of the early Skrt texts) which only represent a very small
> minority of the population.  It seems to me to expect otherwise would be
> to expect that there was a flood of Aryans who invaded the region.  It
> does not seem likely that that was the case.

But how about among the invaders themselves?  Who were these invaders
in archaeological terms?  Did they make representations of horses?

Paul Kekai Manansala

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