Koel (and Hobson-Jobson)

Tue May 5 17:00:01 UTC 1998

Once, Prof. Aklujkar wrote that for World-Wide Web,
the Sanskrit term can be: viSva-vyApI-vitAnam (VVV).

In Tamil, I suggest now: valaya-vaLai-valai (VVV)

valaya-vaLai-valai is from valayam vaLaikkum valaiyam.
valayam = ring, lake, sea, *world*
vaLaikkum = encompassing, encircling
valaiyam (or valai) = net, web.

Note that 'vaLai valai' is a vin2ait tokai; the verb 'vaLai'
does not indicate tense. I don't know what it is called in
sanskrit or english.

Once Prof. BhK said he prefers w to v for tamil 'v'.
Then, valaya-vaLai valai (VVV) becomes WWW.
Perfect Match.

The cuckoo even on WWW/VVV senses that it
is vasantam/iLavEn2il. When we simplify to essentials,
India was born when Sanskrit kOkilam and Tamil kuyil met each other.

 nOtaka irum kuyil aalum arO!
                 - kalittokai (an ancient tamil sangam text).

N. Ganesan

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