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                 International Journal of Hindu Studies

                        Volume 2, Number 1, 1998
                  (will be available in about 5 weeks)


The Indo-European prehistory of yoga  ~ 1-20
        N. J. Allen, University of Oxford

At home in the world: The lives of Sitadevi  ~ 21-42
        Rebecca J. Manring, Indiana University

Vivekananda and Ramakrsna face to face: An essay
        on the alterity of a saint  ~ 43-66
        Carl Olson, Allegheny College

Early Advaita and Madhyamaka Buddhism: The case
        of the Gaudapadiyakarika  ~ 67-83
        Richard King, University of Stirling

Ajatasattu and the future of psychoanalytic anthropology
        Part III: Culture, imagination, and the wish  ~ 85-106
        Dan W. Forsyth, University of Southern Colorada


Matrimonials: A variation of arranged marriages  ~ 107-115
        Rajagopal Ryali, Auburn University Montgomery

BOOK REVIEWS (30)  ~ 117-154



                       Volume 1 (1997) ~ 656 pages

April issue


The center and circumference of silence: Yoga, poststructuralism,
        and the rhetoric of paradox  ~ 3-18
        George Kalamaras, Indiana Univeristy-Purdue University

Imagining Ayodhya: Utopia and its shadows in a Hindu landscape  ~ 19-54
        Philip Lutgendorf, University of Iowa

The power of space in a traditional Hindu city  ~ 55-71
        Robert I. Levy, University of California San Diego

Mountains of wisdom: On the interface between Siddha and Vidyadhara
        cults and the Siddha orders in Medieval India  ~ 73-95
        David Gordon White, University of California, Santa Barbara

Temple rites and temple servants: Religion's role in the survival of
        Kerala's Kutiyattam drama tradition  ~ 97-115
        Bruce M. Sullivan, Northern Arizona University

Bengali religious nationalism and communalism  ~ 117-39
        Peter Heehs, Aurobindo Ashram

Ajatasattu and the future of psychoanalytic anthropology
        Part I of III: The promise of a culture  ~ 141-64
        Dan W. Forsyth, University of Southern Colorado

Advaita Vedanta and typologies of multiplicity and unity: An
        interpretation of nondual knowledge  ~ 165-88
        Joseph Milne, University of Kent

BOOK REVIEWS (16)  ~ 189-220

August issue


When Rahu devours the moon: The myth of the birth of
        Krsna Caitanya  ~ 221-64
        Tony K. Stewart, North Carolina State University

The yogi and the Goddess  ~ 265-87
        Nicholas F. Gier, University of Idaho

Jaina ideology and early Mughal trade with Europeans  ~ 288-313
        Ellison Banks Findly, Trinity College

Ajatasattu and the future of psychoanalytic anthropology
        Part II of III: The imperative of the wish  ~ 314-36
        Dan W. Forsyth, University of Southern Colorado

What's a God? The quest for the right understanding of devata in
        Brahmanical ritual theory (mimamsa)  ~ 337-85
        Francis X. Clooney, Boston College

Radhakrishnan as advocate of the class/caste system as a universal
        religio-social system  ~ 386-400
        Robert N. Minor, University of Kansas

Scandals, cover-ups, and other imagined occurences in the life of
        Ramakrsna: An examination of Jeffrey Kripal's _Kali's
        child_  ~ 401-20
        Svami Atmajnanananda [birthname, Stuart Elkman], Ramakrsna Order

BOOK REVIEWS (9) ~ 421-40

December issue

A Book Symposium of Robert I. Levy's _Mesocosm: Hinduism and the
organization of a traditional Newar city in Nepal_

Goddesses dancing in the city: Hinduism in an urban incarnation
        A review article  ~ 441-84
        Steven M. Parish, University of California, San Diego

Sacred Space and the city: Greece and Bhaktapur  ~ 485-99
        Michael H. Jameson, Stanford University

Macrocosm, mesocosm, and microcosm: The persistent nature of 'Hindu'
        beliefs and symbolical forms  ~ 501-39
        Michael Witzel, Harvard University

Does symbolism 'construct an urban mesocosm'? Robert Levy's _Mesocosm_
        and the question of value consensus in Bhaktapur  ~ 541-64
        David N. Gellner, Brunel University

Kingship and 'contra-priests'  ~ 565-80
         Declan Quigley, Queen's University of Belfast

Afterthoughts  ~ 581-95
        Robert I. Levy, University of California San Diego

BOOK REVIEWS (34)  ~ 597-644


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