human sacrifice

Mary Storm umadevi at SFO.COM
Mon May 4 01:32:43 UTC 1998

N. Ganesan wrote:
> Pl. see:
> K. Lahiri, Human sacrifice by Tantriks and its Suppression,
> Calcutta review, 137, 2, p. 173-178, 1955
> N. Ganesan
> Aside:
> May be D. Shulman's book on human sacrifice in Indic literature,
> art, & a comparison to the West does not have the above reference.
> David will be happy on this reference, as I have given him rare
> titles of tamil stalapuraaNam, pirapantam, etc., almost for a
> decade now.
> If people leave me alone, I can do good things.
> eg: Chola Pallippatai temples & who built them
> for umaadevi.

Dear Dr. Ganesan,
Any suggestions for tracking down info on the Khojas? FYI the umadevi
email address came about because my husband is a well known criminal
defense lawyer. He has been stalked by a few unsavory types, who even
managed to track him down through my maiden name at my UCLA email
address. I am not really a new age crackpot!
Many thanks for your bibliographic help.
Mary Storm

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