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Sat May 2 23:25:18 UTC 1998

Dr. Bh. Krishnamurti wrote:
*Please think about it yourself that you should not masquerade as a
*scholar of either Indology or Dravidology. Then people will ask you
*what are your credentials? Please let the people know what you have published
*in these areas.

Never prepared a CV, as I don't work as a professional.
I am no linguist, however I have published about Tamil bibliography
and literature a bit.

Very Partial list:
1) 'Sirpi'  Balasubramaniyam and N. Ganesan,
Kavitaik KanikaL, Pablo Bharathi veLiyiiDu, Pollachi, 1984
(A collection of poems, Dr. Sirpi is a well-known poet
and HOD, Dept. of Tamil, Bharathiyar university).

2) N. Ganesan, Kongu Nadu: An introductory bibliography,
Jl. of the Institute of Asian Studies, v.7, no. 1, p. 113-126, Madras, 1990

3) ~Naanaciva Tecikar, koTumuTi mummaNik kOvai,
Kongu Aayvakam, Tanjai, 1990
An 18th century pirapantam on KodumuDi, on the
Kaveri banks. (Co-editor along with Dr. S. Raju,
Head, Dept. of epigraphy, Tamil university, Thanjavur.
Dr. S. Raju is famous for the discovery of a Tamil Brahmi
inscription of 2-3rd centuries A.D. from
Araccaluur near Erode. That is the oldest Indian inscription
on Dance, I am informed. Short 4 lines of jatisvaram
is given in that. Dr. Raju's student Sri. Selvakumar
has discovered the Atiyamaan inscription from Jambai.
I. Mahadevan and R. Nagaswamy has written on
this inscription of Tagaduur Atiyamaan, a friend of
Avvai. This inscription reads something like
"satyaputo ataiyamaan iitta pazi". Satyaputos
are mentioned by Asoka. This new found discovery
only fixes them as Atiya chiefs.

4) MaturApuri Ampikai Maalai of KulasEkara PaaNTiyan (14th century).
Madurai Meenakshi Temple Kumpabishekam Souvneir, Madurai, 1995.
(This is a precursor to the popular bhakti text, abhiraami andaadhi.
As this Maturaapuri Ambikai Maalai is not in print for almost
a 100 years, I printed this. Inspiration is after seeing Murray S. Rajam
editions of Kamban, sangam texts, prabandhas, ... The breaking of sandhi,
adding punctuation marks, etc., Vidhvan M. Shanmugam Pillai, Tirikkural
Chair Professor, U. of Madras & the chief disciple of
S. Vaiyapuri Pillai checked and corrected some errors.)

5) N. Ganesan, ezuttukkaLin vaTivamaippil eLiya maaRRam,
kaNaiyaazi, Literary magazine, June 1997.
(kaNaiyaazi for decades has set standards for writing in tamil.
KastuuriraGkan, Sujatha, Sundara Ramasamy write.)

There are about 10 more of my publications in Dravidology; Will give them
to anyone interested. Did not include US degrees, papers, patents
of engineering. I have about 200 tamil books printed from
1870-1930 not found in for eg., U. Niklas' bibliography
or in Roja Muttaiya library of rare tamil books.
The first novel in tamil is in verse: aatiyuur avadhaani
caritam by sEshaiyangar printed in 1870s. This was not known
to those who wrote history of tamil novel. In tamil itself,
this is the case. Naturally, in english this data has not come out.
In magazines of late 1980s, the novel historians found out
about aadiyuur avadhaani caritam. They got a copy from British library.
They said it does not exist in India. Well, I have the original.
The first tamil novel.

I read somewhere that Vikram Seth
has done a whole novel in verse (Golden Gate)
& This is the first Indian attempt to do so.
May be, the academic professionals don't know of Seshaiyangaar's work.

N. Ganesan

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