[Announce] Taisho Daizo-kyo database released!

Nobumi Iyanaga n-iyanag at PPP.BEKKOAME.OR.JP
Tue Mar 31 03:23:29 UTC 1998

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I am very happy to be able to announce the release, on March 30,  of
Sa.mganikiik.rta.m Tai'sotripi.taka.m (or SAT), online database of the
Chinese Buddhist Canon Taisho Daizo-kyo, by the Association for
Computerization of Buddhist Texts (ACBUT), a sub organization of the
Japanese Society of Indology and Buddhology (please note that I don't belong
to that Association.  So this is not an "official announce".  I only have
friends who are working on this project).

The url is:


The first available on-line e-text is Taisho No. 220, the
Mahaa-praj~naa-paaramitaa-suutra in 600 juan, Taisho vol. 4-7 (15 MB!).

For now, the web pages are only in Japanese, and the e-texts are in SJIS
encoding, in both MS-DOS/Windows format and Macintosh format.  But hopefully
there will be soon pages in English and Chinese ("Traditional Chinese" or
Big5), and e-texts in Big5 encoding also.

All the "gaiji" (characters which are not in SJIS encoding) are encoded in
special SGML entities, and can be retrieved in SAT pages.

The ACBUT is aiming to publish on-line all the 85 volumes of Taisho
Tripitaka in electronic text in about ten years.

In April, the following texts will be available:

Taisho vol.29, No.1558
vol.29, No.1559
vol.29, No.1560
vol.29, No.1561
Taisho vol. 32, No.1670A/B
vol. 32, No.1671
vol. 32, No.1674
vol. 32, No.1689
and other 24 texts of the last part of the vol. 32.

And in May, the following texts will be available:
Taisho vol.9, No.262
vol.18, No.848
vol.18, No.849
vol.44, No.1851
vol.47, No.1985
vol.52, No.2102
vol.77, No.2425
vol.82, No.2582
vol.83, No.2608
vol.83, No.2646
vol.84, No.2692

I hope these informations are useful for students and scholars working in
the studies of Buddhism and other related fields.

Best regards,

Nobumi Iyanaga

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