Vivekananda (was: IA migration etc., - scholarly debate)

Luis Gonzalez-Reimann reimann at UCLINK.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Mar 24 20:37:31 UTC 1998

At 02:15 AM 3/23/98 -0200, Robert Zydenbos wrote:

>Only after some further study has been made of just how much of V.'s
writing is actually read and discussed in India (and how it is) will we be
able to form a proper judgment about whether _V._ really is admired, rather
than the myth around him that catches people's imagination. Until then, any
statements that _he_ is 'important', 'relevant', 'admired', etc. etc. are
without scholarly significance.

But, is this really a valid parameter?  Does the importance of Christianity
depend on how well Christians know the Bible?  Or is it the myth around
Jesus (and the saints) that 'catches people's imagination'?

Luis Gonzalez-Reimann

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