1. Horse and 2. Dice in India

Mon Mar 23 17:34:07 UTC 1998

Hello, I  have been a silent, but interested watcher of this scholarly
debate which has been taking place at a breakneck speed, due in part to my lack
of expertise. Now that AIT is no longer the theory of choice of the scholars,
but AMT is. Countless children in India still are taught in schools the good
old AIT. It was posted by Vidyanath Rao:

>>It should be noted that there are >three< different theories around,
>>not just two.
>>From the perspective of archaeology, it is very possible that IE speakers
>>got to the Northwest part of the subcontinent well before 2000 BCE,

What is the current consesus on the time scale attached to the AMT/ or its

Also, Lars wrote:

>The horse cult is also known from Celtic religion. Consequently, if the
>horse cult developed in situ about the year 2000 BCE in the Northwest part
>of the subcontinent, we must assume that the Celts migrated from that area
>to WEstern Europe. That is of course what some Indic writers, such as

It may be of interest to know that "Horse" does not show up in Mesopotamia
until about 1700  or 1800 BCE. When it does appear it is referred to as the
"ass of the eastern mountains".

AfghAnistan is of course, azvasthAna.

Regards,-Narahari Achar

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