1. Horse and 2. Dice in India

Vidhyanath Rao vidynath at MATH.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Mon Mar 23 16:33:03 UTC 1998

Lars Martin Fosse <lmfosse at ONLINE.NO> wrote:
> The horse cult is also known from Celtic religion. Consequently, if the
> horse cult developed in situ about the year 2000 BCE in the Northwest part
> of the subcontinent, we must assume that the Celts migrated from that area
> to WEstern Europe.

But that assumes that the Celtic and Indic rites show similarities
in details. I am not sure that that is warranted. What I have read
suggestes that the Celtic rite was at coronation, involved a mare
and the king who bathed in the broth. In the a"svamedha, it is a
stallion, is not regular and not connected with coronation.

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