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Because - and this is a secret, which Indra did
never speak about to anyone else - he loved it to
move around while watching the world standing on
the head.
Because he was not very well trained in standing
on the head and fell often backwards on the hard
ground he became depressive. However, one day,
when he secretly was moving on his hands he hurd
himself very badly, his neck was turned nearly
half ways back without finding back to his
original position. Consequently his face looked
backwards while he moved straight ahead.
Of course because of this he felt again ashamed
for the people. Therefore he ordered a rope-dancer
to construct a wooden mask that appears to be his
really face. This wooden face he rammed against
the backside of his backwords directed head.
One day, while he jumped around on this hands,
both faces downwards and viewing in both
directions he felt so happy that he let out a
strong cry of joy, without any knowledge about the
elephant-speach, his cry was listened by a great
and strong male elephant, who came running closer
to Indra, thereby causing big clouds of dust ,
which darkened the world for some moments.
Watching Indra, who lied there around in the dust
because of the earth-quacking caused by the
elephant, this strong animal was absolutely
impressed by the double-faced Indra. He directed
Indra to walk along the elephants tusk exactly on
the top of his head, where Indra took a seat.
Moreover by the power of the elephant-vidyA he
supportet Indra as soon as he startet to turn
upwards, what he liked so much, by help of his
Indra got now a feeling of heaven, moving on the
head of an elephant, standing on his head and
watching the world. After he had taken over the
knowledge of elephant-vidyA he decided once to
order the construction of two further wooden faces
for both sides, meanwhile he was able through the
elephant-vidyA to see with the eyes of the wooden
Finally he was absolutely satisfied, making
circles while standing on his head and moving
forwards on the back of a strong elephant, which
supported him with his tusk.
After some years they met a surprisingly appearing
being, walking around without a head, yes, a
corpse without head. This man was called Brahma.
He was very unhappy about his missing head. He
asked Indra for his four faces.
Indra handed over all his four faces to Brahma.
That is the reason why Indra likes to ride on an
The end.
Moving around
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>Why does Indra ride an elephant?

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