Indo-Aryan migration vs Indigenous origin - scholarly debate

Fri Mar 20 22:39:59 UTC 1998

Swami Vivekananda on Aryan Invasion Theory

  "Our archaeologists' dreams of India being full of dark-eyed aborigines, and
the bright Aryans came from - the Lord knows where. According to some, they
came from Central Tibet; others will have it that they came from Central Asia.
There are patriotic Englishmen who think that the Aryans were all red haired.
Others, according to their idea, think that they were all black-haired. If the
writer happens to be a black-haired man, the Aryans were all black-haired. Of
late, there was an attempt made to prove that the Aryans lived on Swiss lake.
I should not be sorry if they had been all drowned there, theory and all. Some
say now that they lived at the North Pole. Lord bless the Aryans and their
habitations! As for as the truth of these theories, there is notone word in
our scriptures, not one, to prove that the Aryans came from anywhere outside of
India, and in ancient India was included Afghanistan. There it ends..."

  "And the theory that the Shudra caste were all non-Aryans and they were a
multitude, is equally illogical and irrational. It could not have been possible
in those days that a few Aryans settled and lived there with a hundred thousand
slaves at their command. The slaves would have eaten them up, made chutney of
them in five minutes. The only explanation is to be found in the Mahabharat,
which says that in the beginning of the Satya Yoga there was only one caste,
the Brahmins, and then by differences of occupations they went on dividing
themselves into different castes, and that is the only true and rational
explanation that has been given. And in the coming Satya Yuga all other castes
will have to go back to the same condition."
  (The Complete Work of Swami Vivekananda, Vol.III Page 293.)

I totally agree with Vidyasankar. Swami Vivekananda was needed
to counter overenthusiastic missionaries and enslavers of India.
But propaganda is one thing, truth is another.

By the way, Swami Chidbhavanandar, my grandfather's cousin went to
one of the four direct disciples of Vivekananda. I think his name was
Sivananda. He was a medical doctor who took to Sanyasam under V.
(Correct me if the name, Sivananda is not correct.)
Chidbhavanandar's Gita translation into Tamil sold in millions.
Chidbhavananda Swami started a series of institutions
in TirupparaayttuRai, Salem, Karur, Tiruvedagam, etc.,
Also, Swami Vipulanandar, the great tamil scholar from Jaffna and
author of yaazh  nuul, treatise on ancient tamil music,
took to sanyas under the guidance of Sivananda. Vipulanandar
stayed in TirupparaayttuRai school doing research for
months together. Chidbhavandar's another friend
is T. S. Avinashilingam whose Ramakrishna Mission school,
colleges in and around Coimbatore are legendary.

It was Baskara Sethupathi of Ramnad who got the ticket for Vivekananda
to US, and upon Swami's triumphant return (we are told),
Sethupathi, the Raja of Ramnad, carried him around in a
palanquin around Madras.

Enough of Hindu credentials, I guess.
N. Ganesan

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