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Shalom to all,

Joining the list, I introduced myself as writing a thesis about
Naciketas.I am grateful for the information that I have received until
now, and I would like to share with you one of the questions that I am
dealing with.
In almost all sources Naciketas is a boy, or a young lad, cursed to
death by his father, going to the realm of Yama, and coming safely back
to world of the living. According to anthropological and literary logic,
he should have become a great sage. The only allusion to it is found in
the Brahma PurANa(IV, 1,28), where a person by the name of Naciketas is
mentioned as the tenth of eleven sages who established the "mAnuSa
Does anyone know of any other source referring to Naciketas as a grown
up sage?

Thanks in advance.

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