Indo-Aryan Invasion (focussed discussion)

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Vidyanath Rao wrote (in response to earlier postings):
>> In any case, I have heard this assertion about "original
>> Tamil phonology" being preserved in the "villages", the
>> "heartland" etc way too often that, perversely, I have
>> begun to have my own doubts.
>I was being a bit hasty. I should have said ``phonology of
>late19th-early 20th c. Tamil''. I sometimes get tired of being precise :-)
>> is there sound phonological ;-)
>> fieldwork that confirms this without the trace of a doubt ???
>I think that Zvelebil's fieldwork, published in Acta orientalia
>(the one from Hungary) in the laste 50's does. I will have to
>check to make sure.
Just to make the record straight, the results of Prof. K. Zvelebil's
fieldwork were not published in Acta orientalia but in Archiv orientalni
(the one from Prague - we are no longer part of Austro-Hungarian Empire ;-]),
abbreviated ArOr, or even ArO which may be a bit misleading...
Perhaps the following references may be relevant:
- Dialects of Tamil - I: Introduction and Texts, ArOr 27(1959), 272-317;
- (with S. Viswanathan), Dialects of Tamil II - Texts (Madras and Madras
Brahmin), ArOr 27 (1959), 572-603;
- Dialects of Tamil II (Appendix), ArOr 28 (1960), 220-224;
- Dialects of Tamil III (Madurai), ArOr 28 (1960), 414-456;
- Dialects of Tamil IV - Erode, Tutucorin, Ramnad, ArOr 31 (1963), 535-668;
- Spoken Language of Tamilnad, ArOr 32 (1964), 237-264
(being naturally just a fraction of the author's vast work on the subject).
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