Indo-Aryan migration vs Indigenous origin - scholarly debate

George Thompson thompson at JLC.NET
Wed Mar 18 04:35:07 UTC 1998

Charles Poncet in good faith asks:

>a) Was there an Aryan migration/invasion of India which destroyed the
>Indus valley civilization ?
>b) Is it a fairy tale concocted by certain scholars in the last century
>and if so why ?

a. There was a migration, no doubt whatsoever. Early archaeologists thought
they saw evidence of violence at the last stages of IVC and assumed a
connection with the incoming Vedic  Aryans. They were wrong. We know
virtually nothing about what happened to IVC. Certainly what went on in the
heads of IVC people will not be known by us until someone deciphers their
script [if that is what it is]. Frawley and friends are not capable of
reading IVC minds across great distances of time and lost culture and *no
mediating language*.

b. It is a fairy tale concocted by scholars to explain what looked like
facts to them. That they were wrong is forgiveable if there were no
malicious motives in their researches. If malicious, then no forgiveness.
If that is what you want.

Now, as for fairy tales, read Frawley and friends: they have turned IVC
into pure Atlantis. If there are no malicious motives behind their fairy
tales then they too are forgiveable. But their books are fairy tales. And
to tell the truth I doubt their motives. Frawley's fairy tale factory
appears rather lucrative. Rather filthy lucrative. [My views on the other
hand have gotten me absolutely  nothing and I like it like that].

I am no ivory tower elitist. I just do not want to waste the precious time
that I have remaining to me -- who knows? tomorrow I may be hit by a truck
-- repeating myself over and over again, to no avail. Especially to people
who do not listen.

If you will listen to me, I will listen to you. Fair enough?

George Thompson

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