Indo-Aryan migration vs Indigenous origin - scholarly debate

Charles cponcet at IPROLINK.CH
Wed Mar 18 06:55:29 UTC 1998

George Thompson wrote:
> Dear Charles Poncet, and the List in general,
> Please, take another look at the subject heading of this thread: we're
> supposed to be talking about a *migration theory*. If you keep on insisting
> on an *invasion theory*, where there is none, you will find yourself with
> no one to talk to [besides the long-dead ghosts of the past].
> As for Frawley, Feuerstein and Kak, their books are like your posts: on the
> one hand, they begin with the assumption that western scholarship is driven
> by colonialism and therefore unquestionably wrong; on the other, they
> assume that the Aryan presence in India goes way back in time, beyond the
> Indus Valley Civilization, into some hoary pre-history which no one is
> familiar with but themselves.
> Their books, just like your posts, assert many things, many wild things,
> and prove, argue, demonstrate nothing. I have found their books a waste of
> time. If you want me to read your posts and discuss ideas with you, please
> offer me *reasons* to do so. Argue with me, show me evidence, point out my
> illogical resaonings, etc.
> But if all you are going to do on this thread is to ask for my apologies
> for a view which I do not hold, and ignore my efforts to discuss the matter
> in a reasonable [and even a scholarly] manner, then I won't trouble you
> with any more responses to your posts.
> Best wishes,
> George Thompson
Dear George,
I never asked for apologies and I certainly don't subscribe to the
theory that westerners are the source of all evils !
My posting - which does not appear to have been off the mark considering
the reactions - meant to sound out the experts on this list and to ask
for their views on the alleged Aryan migration/invasion into India
which, we were told until recently, destroyed the Indus civilization.
This seems to be disputed strongly nowadays, admittedly by writers such
as Frawley who may have some rather contemptuous views on the West
generally and Indology in particular.
In his recent posting, Krishna made a number of points to criticize the
book which I thought were quite good but just telling the Frawley-like
people to go to hell is unlikely to solve the REAL questions:
a) Was there an Aryan migration/invasion of India which destroyed the
Indus valley civilization ?
b) Is it a fairy tale concocted by certain scholars in the last century
and if so why ?

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