Indo-Aryan Invasion

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Sun Mar 15 10:54:40 UTC 1998

Dear Krishna,

I am sorry I took off on a tangent in my last mails.

The facts you presented can not be challenged.  Officially the British never
committed slander, bound as they were by their highly developed legal and
administrative systems.  They were also aware of the politically and legally
enlightened intelligentia.

The north south divide can not be attributed to them, even though the
undercurrent of division was always there.  Examples are encouraging a
discussion of division of India (even though there was no popular opinion or
upsurge in favor of a division), and an undisclosed plan to balkanise it (this
is brought to light and discussed widely in Indian news papers in later 80s).
The balkanisation plan was supposed to be a backup plan in case a division can
not be done.  Divide and rule is a frequent accusation against British, but we
have learnt by today that it is just a standard office practice in the modern
organization (which we follow to date).  Remember it was Britishers who
brought the modern organization to India.  India never had formal
organizations except in king's courts.  The kings mostly depended on faith
loyalty and patriotism to safeguard their assets.

The only objectionable items that I heard of in scholarly materials were the
explanation of Dasyus, and the mix up of Chandraguptas I and II (and other
related misunderstandings) and the history taught in schools.  Prof Max
Mueller's team toiled and collected mss, and translated them but nobody in
India cared to read them with the exception of his popular book on ancient
Indian history.

The ony slanderous material that I once glanced through was supposedly printed
by Christian missionaries.  This literature was understood as having
endorsement by British.

Bhadraiah Mallampalli

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