Indo-Aryan Invasion

Vaidix Vaidix at AOL.COM
Sat Mar 14 12:43:36 UTC 1998

Dear list members,

I fully understand that whatever I wrote is politically and ethically
incorrect.  There is no documental proof of any of the intentions of
researchers or the erstwhile rulers of India.  I fully understand that this is
a research forum.

Every researcher should know that their research findings are understood
differently by society.  The overtones and other tendencies not necesarily
expressed in the findings can become part of folklore.  You may see nothing in
Prof. Max Mueller's or others' writings, but what you see in articles
published in Sunday newspapers are only the overtones. This is what the public
sees.  That is the reason why so much heat is generated when you raise
subjects like AIT.  People (including me) are willing to forget all
scholarship and jump into emotions.

AIT is a clear case of improper research methodology.  When other alternatives
are completely ignored branding them nationalistic, it is not research any
more.  Till now the focus has been on AIT and indiginous theories.  My
proposal is for a midway which picks the best of both theories.

Bhadraiah Mallampalli

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