bangani - non Indo-Aryan Indo-European?

Thu Mar 12 15:50:39 UTC 1998

I am grateful to George Thompson and Wolfgang Behr for updating my information
on the Bangani issue.
The site mentioned by Wolfgang Behr contains cross-links with different parties
involved in the controversy.
For those who have no (direct) access to the website and/or want to see
statements in print, van Driem and Sharma's argument and a rejoinder by Zoller
appeared in Indogermanische Forschungen 101 and 102 (which is also mentioned in
the statements of the site; no. 102 was not accessible to me at this moment, so
that I did not see his printed rejoinder, only the one on the website).
To conclude with Kevin Tuite's statement (found via the mentioned site):
"I would counsel withholding judgment until more information comes in."


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